Cybersecurity and Protecting PBM Data

CIO Jimmy Hanson talks about the importance of cybersecurity and how we protect our clients, providers, and members.

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Talking Cybersecurity with CIO Jimmy Hanson

Cybersecurity is a hot topic as healthcare organizations ramp up to protect sensitive information from malicious attacks.

In the past few years, security breaches occurred at several large health brands. This resulted in the loss of private data for tens of thousands of customers. Stolen information included names, birth dates, addresses, medications, prescribers, and primary care providers.

While the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for how companies protect data, organizations must have stringent physical, network, and process security measures in place to ensure compliance.

In the video, CIO Jimmy Hanson addresses how we ensure HIPAA compliance and protect our clients and members.