'Tis the season ... for a PBM that offers alternate funding

With specialty drug costs rising – and dozens more expected to enter the market in 2022 – alternate funding is the best gift your PBM can give you this season.

Tis the season for alt funding
Tis the season for alt funding

What is alternate funding?

Alternate funding means exploring non-traditional avenues to help pay for high-cost medications, such as patient assistance programs, manufacturer copay assistance, international sourcing, and 340b programs.


Proprietary and integrated

Unlike other PBMs that offer one or two options, IPM uses proprietary clinical and solution-driven expertise to match the right solutions to an employer’s benefit strategy. Our approach is unique because we integrate these efforts, working each claim individually to identify the best option for each member.


One size does not fit all

We recognize that what’s doable for one patient may not be doable for another. And the same can be said about the employer. Each alternate funding option has pros and cons that differ from patient to patient, and employer to employer, which makes having multiple options available an ideal approach.

Santa bag with money

What's considered a high-cost drug?

A high-cost drug is any medication that ranges $250 to $350 a month or more. IPM’s proprietary algorithm identifies claims that fall into this range and assists members with gathering paperwork, filling out applications, and coordinating with providers.


Proven outcomes

Our alternate funding program can save clients up to 75% on high-cost claims. Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving! Fill out the form below for more information!

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