IPM Launches Site-of-Care Infusion Services through Option Care Health

Site-of-care services are part of IPM's strategy to look for alternate solutions to help contain costs. In addition to being more convenient and safe for patients than a hospital setting, plan sponsors can save up to 60 percent.

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IPM Launches Site-of-Care Infusion Services through Option Care Health

Integrated Prescription Management (IPM), a leading pharmacy benefits management (PBM) company, now offers integrated site-of-care (SOC) IV therapy through Option Care Health, the nation’s largest independent provider of home and alternate site infusion services.

Patients dealing with complex diseases sometimes cannot eat, let alone take medications orally. Infusion therapy is a way of administering medicine, nutrients or special fluids intravenously (IV) into the body, which allows for a higher absorption rate than with oral medications.

SOC infusion centers are outpatient clinics that administer infusion therapies, which are traditionally administered to patients in hospitals. Growing in use by payers nationwide, more than 900 infusion providers serve 3.2 million patients annually for the treatment of serious and chronic infections that do not respond to oral antibiotics, such as various cancers, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, Crohn’s and other diseases.

“In addition to being more convenient and comfortable for patients, site-of-care infusions can save plan sponsors up to 60 percent,” said Rich Adams, president and chief operating officer at IPM. “As healthcare costs continue to rise, site-of-care services are part of IPM’s strategy to look beyond traditional avenues and identify alternate solutions to help contain costs.”

By integrating SOC into the pharmacy benefit, IPM is improving patient access to care and lowering cost. This is achieved by transitioning from high-cost settings, such as hospitals and medical institutions, to lower-cost settings, such as physician offices and stand-alone infusion centers, with options for home infusions when suites are not in proximity of the member.

Serving patients in all 50 states, Option Care Health delivers cost-effective and advanced intravenous treatments for a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.

Additionally, through its SOC collaboration with Option Care Health, IPM’s account management team can partner with employers to better understand their members health needs by studying data, assisting with utilization reviews and identify trends for predictive analysis.

SOC centers are becoming a preferred way for patients to receive treatment, thanks to advanced equipment and competent staff that specialize in treatment. As such, SOC optimization is growing in use by payers nationwide to improve access to care and lower cost. According to the National Home Infusion Association, the home and specialty infusion industry reached $19 billion and is expected to grow in the years ahead.