Managing Health Care Pharmacy Spend for Government Sponsored Programs

Learn how IPM can help your government sponsored behavioral health or county indigent health care program achieve its pharmacy benefit goals, like containing cost, expanding access to care and having on demand reporting.

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Behavioral health and county indigent health care programs

With prescription costs rising every year, more and more U.S. counties and local government programs are struggling to maintain coverage for the patient populations that need them the most. Integrated Prescription Management (IPM) knows there is a better way.

Imagine saving money and having greater control over your health care pharmacy spend. Best of all, there’s no startup fee to your county or local government plan to access the PBM services!

Founded in 2009, Integrated Prescription Management (IPM) is a full-service, nation-wide pharmacy benefit management (PBM) company headquartered in Fresno, California nationwide PBM that provides customer-centric solutions for employers, TPAs, brokers and specialized indigent healthcare clients. IPM has been in business for over 13 years and was initially founded after identifying the need for high-quality, personalized service in the small business benefit market. We are rooted in two core principles: trust and innovation. For over a decade, we have partnered with hundreds of groups to provide personalized pharmacy solutions and innovative cost management strategies.

IPM specializes in establishing and supporting prescription cost control programs for behavioral health and indigent healthcare programs. It is our goal to help our clients achieve their pharmacy benefit goals, control their costs, expand access to care, have on demand access to reporting when needed, while having access to critical clinical information to support cost-effective and compassionate patient care.

One Size Does Not Fit All

When it comes to working with your county-supported program, we understand that one size does not fit all. That’s why we offer a number of services that you can mix and match to meet your unique needs, while giving you full control in managing your drug spend.

 Online, real‐time access to:

  • Member eligibility
  • Utilization data, claim history, and patient information
  • Prior authorization management
  • Patient history
  • Single entity billing
    • Electronic data provided via secure FTP server (Electronic exchange sync nightly with EMRs (i.e. IHS, Network Sciences)


Pharmacy professional to help with:

  • Ongoing hands-on training of employees
  • Audits
  • Plan designs and configuration
  • Clinical review of drug utilization


Pharmacy Network

IPM’s retail network encompasses more than 67,000 pharmacies across the nation, including major chains and independent community pharmacies. With extensive network options you are able to hand-select where your participants fill their prescriptions, enabling improved cost containment.

Have an onsite pharmacy? Great! We have the ability to integrate with them to implement our services.


Dedicated Client Experience Team

IPM strives to provide world-class service to our customers. As a testament to this service, IPM’s Client Experience Team earned back-to-back Stevie Awards for Customer Service Department of the Year in 2021 and 2022. IPM also earned the distinction of being named to the Inc. 5000 three years in a row and in 2013 made the Inc. 500 as the 24th fastest growing healthcare company in the country!

It is our passion to service behavioral health and indigent health programs to maximize county and patient benefit. That’s why a dedicated account manager is assigned and responsible for day‐to‐day interaction and issue resolution for all client needs. Only a phone call or email away, the account manager will proactively consult with the county and clinic staff to identify plan improvement and savings opportunities to ensure cost containment, while providing access to care.


Cost Containment through Clinical Programs

Additionally, IPM’s unmatched clinical guidance and expertise creates a unique combination that ensures patient access to the right medicine for them while maximizing cost savings.

IPM focuses on making sure members get the right medications, at the right time, at the most convenient location, and at the right price. From the moment a member gets a prescription from a provider, IPM’s clinical programs are in action working behind the scenes to deliver on this promise. With one-third of our staff having a clinical background with clinical designations including PharmD, Registered Nurse, and Certified Pharmacy Technician, you can count on expert advice on everything from formulary management to step therapy, plan design recommendations, and utilization management programs. Some of IPM’s recommended clinical programs include:

  • Utilization management (UM)
  • Prior authorization (PA)
  • Step therapy
  • Quantity limit program
  • Customized exclusions and restrictions


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