Pharmacists: Our friendly neighborhood health heroes

With gratitude, we recognize the impact pharmacists have on our communities and organization because sometimes heroes wear white coats.

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Reliable and accessible health experts

As trusted clinical experts, pharmacists offer guidance on everything from prescription medications to over-the-counter solutions. Not only do pharmacists administer 60-70% of flu vaccinations and 85% of vaccines nationwide, but they also go above and beyond by providing personalized counseling and care. From managing chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure to guiding safe medication use, pharmacists play an important role in keeping our communities healthy.

Imagine a world where patients consistently adhere to their medication regimens. It’s not just a utopian vision; it’s a reality shaped by pharmacists. A literature review and meta-analysis by the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, showed that pharmacist interventions significantly improve medication adherence in patients with essential hypertension. This not only enhances individual health but also reduces the burden on the broader healthcare system.

With over 60,000 retail pharmacies nationwide, and 90% of the U.S. population living within 5 miles of a pharmacy, a pharmacist is always within reach, offering convenient hours, including evenings and weekends. The atmosphere of the pharmacy contributes to its approachable and familiar nature. Situated within communities and often frequented for daily essentials, pharmacies are welcoming spaces where people feel comfortable seeking advice.

Pharmacists have a unique advantage as they see patients more frequently than doctors do. According to a 2016 study in Integrated Pharmacy Research and Practice, medication histories attained by pharmacists are more precise and comprehensive than those obtained by other healthcare practitioners. With visibility across prescriptions, especially for patients with multiple doctors, pharmacists become a consistent and reliable source of healthcare support. This frequent interaction builds trust over time.

Pharmacists are not just dispensers of medications; they are educators and innovators.  Whether it’s a community outreach program or a personalized medication consultation, pharmacists are at the forefront of shaping informed and engaged healthcare consumers.

At IPM, our pharmacists are key contributors to the claims management process, ensuring our members receive the care they need. Their expertise does not stop at managing prescriptions, they also play an active role in improving patient outcomes through education and partnership. We are lucky to have pharmacists who are true clinical experts providing thought leadership and leading our clinical vision.

Let’s recognize and celebrate our pharmacists for ensuring optimal health outcomes and contributing to the well-being of our communities.